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being an introvert is really hard because there is no polite way to tell someone that you’re in a bad mood because you’re exhausted from socializing.

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Daryl Dixon - 05x01

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They don’t get to live.

It’s not over until they’re all dead.

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 Demon!Dean SPN S10 : Reichenbach / Jack Torrance The Shining ◊  →  requested by anon

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I chose the king of Hell over you.
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#this is the face of a man who spent 300 years in hell fulfilling by hate and revenge #realizing that he matters to someone #and this someone happens to be his love #the woman he traded his ship for #he’s fucking realizing that someone - EMMA SWAN - cares about him #about his safety #about his life #this is Killian Jones realizing that he matters to Emma Swan #let me die in peace pls

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Sorry. That was mean.

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"There’s  p a s s i o n, for definite”

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Demon!Dean’s sass is on a whole new level.

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Why do you fly off in the box with him? Why do you do it? The truth, please, just this once.

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